In the world corporate you have to look out for the snakes and ladders. This week I realised who the snakes are and realised there are really very few ladders. In my company we incite the very art of teamwork, one where we are meant to take pride and joy in. For heaven’s sake, its apparently a fundamental pillar we are all meant to adhere to and not compromise on. How is it then, the same colleagues are stabbing each other in the back, when one of them needs their colleague to assist them. I think they would want to see another fail, no matter how fake their good morning is or hoe ingenuine their smile could be…..a wake up call in the gruesome, callous world of corporate…..may the people find their humanity before its too late…..


Hello world! Amazing right…. I have finally joined the blogging world. I am so excited. So I am still getting used to this and hopefully my blog will take off really soon. A little about myself. I am a muslim woman working in the field of numbers ( I am trying to make my profession sound really awesome :)) and I will be writing about anything and everything that comes to my mind. But for now I will be signing off. looking forward to updating. xoxo

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